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Best Network Solution for GSM Termination!

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    GTECH COMMUNICATIONS Best Network Solution for GSM Termination!


    Best Network Solution for GSM Termination!
    SimGuard Call Filter : SimGuard Premium Call Filter is an innovative aggregated data service that provides the best possible filtering criteria against robot dialer call attempts.

    —>Robot dialer calling is the ultimate anti-bypass feature and with 100% success!

    —>SIM card gets blocked as soon as it has been connected with a robot dialer call

    —>Because everyone tries to filter but, in the end, only a few succeed

    —>Not having robot dialer call filter may expose you to the leftover traffic filtered by your competitors

    —>Robot dialers help the operators to find your remote locations

    GTECH Communication is focussed on providing productions and solutions for GSM Termination
    business only. Our objective is not only to propose the devices, we are looking for
    building long-lasting partnership

    GATEWAY :Glober GSM gateway series are multi-functional product used to effectively implement the
    smooth transition between mobile and VoIP network. With new designed pop-up SIM card slot, users
    are able to change SIM card easily without dismantling equipment. It is fully compatible with
    Gtech SIMCloud/SIMbank solution and easy to use. Moreover, with built-in 4–1 antenna power divider
    which is saving space and more easier to install and maintain.

    SIM SERVER : Sim Server is the device for SIM storage. Sim Server and GSM VOIP Gateway ( DWG ) work together under control of SIM Cloud, through private communication protocol based on IP network, which implement remote SIM communication and remote device management.

    VOIPZIP VPN : VoipZIP is developed to reduce bandwidth consumption of VoIP with a special compression

    GTech offers you the strongest and the most intelligent GSM termination gateways and SIM management solutions with Best Partners which lead you to success on your business.VOIPZIP provides bandwidth optimization, security for VOIP! Even you can use GTECH gateways with
    dynamic IP with this solution ! Get any GTECH solution and VOIPZIP installation will be FREE!
    For more information , please visit http://www.voipzip.com/homepage-gtech-partnership/


    GSM Termination Solutions
    Advanced SIM Management with integrated SIM SERVER:
    Human Behavior Features:

    VoIP – GSM Products:

    2 Channel Gsm Gateway
    4 Channel Gsm Gateway
    8 Channel Gsm Gateway
    16 Channel Gsm Gateway



    GTECH offers solutions for Corporate, SMB, SOHO a full range of flexible equipment of Voip Gateway to all cellular GSM / CDMA / UMTS. With a wide range of VoIP Gateways , from 2ch to 32 channel units, with inter-mix possibilities of 2 or more cellular network types in the same unit there is no longer a requirement of 1 box per cellular network enabling further cost savings.

    All VoIP Gateway units are Client/Server, (SIP/H323), and therefore can be utilized as either a stand-alone gateway or as part of a Sim Server system. The VoIP Gateway & SIM Server System minimizes investment cost and reduces the overall cost of local and international calls.All units utilize the additional software programme for BULK SMS that enables sending of up to 500 SMS messages per port with 1 click, via email servers such as via Microsoft® Outlook®, Thunderbird®, etc.

    IP GSM Gateways
    ISDN GM Gateways
    Analog Products


    Tel : +90 (216) 688 55 80
    Fax :+90 (216) 688 55 81
    E-mail : info@gtechgw.com; sales@gtechgw.com



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