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    VOIP Tycoon JLT is an established name in the wholesale channel of VOIP Service Providers internationally and wants to expand its market in the retail channel of VOIP business. Apart from Wholesale voice, we are promoting mobile dialer product, vos3000 rental product and bandwidth optimizer product in the retail arena as well. To achieve this we are calling for experienced VOIP Sales persons having a sales experience of around 2 to 3 years.

    A base salary will be $1K to $2K per month depending on the experience and talent . There is a potential to make upto $10k per month by the means of profit sharing or commissions agreed on case to case basis

    You will be based in Dubai and manage the business for various countries of EMEA region depending on your experience and background. The candidates from East Asia, Africa, East Europe and Russian region are encouraged to apply. Desired candidate should be open to travel. Company will provide visa for Dubai.

    Interested candidates please post your resumes on :


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