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    Hello there! I am an entry level tech with very little experience(I am learning on the feild) but very eager to learn and recieve any helpful information you are willing to giive me. Thank you so much for even talking out the time to read this.

    I just have a quick question concerning the speaker button reboot of the phone, because I am trying to update a T20p using a TFTP server. I have downloaded the 3CDaemon in order to perform this task. I have followed these steps:

    – Download firmware and changed the name to “XXXX”.rom

    – Went to check my network enviornment by typing in “cmd” in the program search box when clicking start

    – Got the info. to enter into the phone( IP address,, Netmask, etc.)

    – I hit ok on the phone to update however I am getting a Update Fail

    Just wondering after I download the firmware and change the name am I suppose to copy it into the 3CDaemon(because it does not seem to be letting me drag it) or maybe I am doing a wrong step between downloading the firmware and entering the information into the phone. I am trying to copy the firmare into my tftp server but it will not allow me.

    Is there something I am doni wrong or a step I am missing. I am also trying to use Solar winds and getting the same results.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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