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    Hello dear parnter
    Greeting from China Huaallen Telecom
    We are looking for direct ncli route provider.we have huge traffic and flexible payment,please give us a change , we will do our best
    Payment term: Western Union , Daily pay,Paypal, MoneyGram,Bank transfer,
    below is our TOP destination ,please check (skype:amily.huaallen)
    Pakistan 9230/9233/9234

    Afghanistan 9377/9378/9379
    Tunisia 216
    Angola 244
    chad 235
    Laos 856
    Sudan 249
    Kenya 254
    Nepal 977
    Azerbaijan 994
    Thailand 66
    Guinea 224
    Tanzania 255
    Albania 355
    Namibia 264
    India 91
    Any good working non cli route with a competitive rate would work !

    Don’t hesitate contact me on below details .

    We look forward to doing some business with you !


    whatsapp: +8618312216521
    We chat:18312216521


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