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    I have AT&T voice services, which according to AT&T is a VOIP service. However, the way it’s set up I simply plug my Panasonic 6.0 Plus phone system into a regular telephone wall jack and it’s good to go. There is a phone line coming out of my AT&T U-verse modem/router but it then connects to the regular home telephone wiring, from which I connect my 3 unit phone system.

    I am getting italkbb for my wife and stepson so that they can watch many Chinese channels and make and receive calls to and from their relatives and friends in China at no cost to either party. The italkbb box will use an Ethernet cable to connect to my AT&T modem/router or I can connect wirelessly, whichever I choose. I will use a different Panasonic 6.0 phone system to plug into the back of the italkbb box, which will allow me to use their VOIP services for the China calls.

    Will this work? Can I have two VOIP systems in the same home, although they are connected to the Internet differently? Thank you in advance for your time and any assistance provided.

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