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    Since its foundation in 2008 our Austria-based customer Sipwise has become one of the innovation leaders in the area of Unified Communication. Today Sipwise develops open source based software, delivers core telecom switching infrastructure to replace existing legacy infrastructure and enables new over-the-top (OTT) services for telecom operators. Our customer’s goal is to empower its clients to increase productivity, profitability and to simultaneously decrease operational costs significantly.

    – Create the future of Unified Communication –
    Become a part of this and provide support as

    VoIP Systems Engineer (m/f) in the Vienna area/Austria

    As a VoIP Systems Engineer (m/f) you will be involved in a variety of tasks always focusing on customer satisfaction. In your day-to-day business you will be responsible for the second level support for medium sized businesses and corporations using a ticketing system. With your friendly and open-minded personality you will also be responsible for requirements engineering and network configurations as well as the entire deployment of the Sipwise system onsite and in continuous communication with international customers. Additionally you will train the employees of different customers how to use the Sipwise software. Furthermore you will take on (extra paid) on-call services of max. 1 week per month.

    What we expect from you (must-haves)
    – At least 3 years of professional experience in VoIP (SIP protocol)
    – Knowledge in Linux
    – Very good experience in the field of planning, setting-up and operation of
    – Fluent in English, spoken and written
    – Willingness to travel (approx. 25%)

    What we expect from you (nice-to-haves)
    – A course of studies in Computer Science or a comparable training with
    corresponding professional experience
    – Networking knowledge
    – SQL with focus on MySQL
    – Experience with SIP-devices, IP- and Ethernet-networks
    – Bash, Perl, PHP or Python know-how
    – Additional language skills (e.g. German or Spanish)

    What you can expect from us
    – An international and enthusiastic team with high technical expertise
    – Flat hierarchies and an independent work environment
    – Ambitious and self-responsible tasks
    – An environment where you will be able to continuously learn new technologies

    Are you looking for a demanding technical challenge with a lot of customer interaction?
    Then we are looking forward to your online application: https://goo.gl/jHZBjj

    Mr. Dimitris Colón will be happy to be at your service should you have any questions, even over the phone: + 49 (0)711 912918 – 0


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