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    Dear Partner,

    Hope this email finds you well…! Please find my company profile below:-

    This is Dareen O’Neill from VozCodex Inc registered in Canada. We are international voice trader in Wholesale & Retail platform with business operations extending to continents – Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa. I want to take this opportunity for further business interconnection:

    • We have 3 wings – voice wholesale, retail and developing SMS.
    • We always focusing on niche destinations globally based on direct vendors.
    • 8 years plus team management working for the best support services.
    • We have a solid record of providing quality long distance service at highly competitive rates.
    • A flexible payment term is one of priority to our partners.
    • Credit Insured for almost ALL accounts; 100 % Debt-Free Entity.

    VozCodex Inc always welcoming direct vendors and new business opportunities. We have a dedicated team that works around the clock for any matters that arise. We’re currently overflowing Below Traffic and in look-out for direct & in-country destinations to meet our customer’s requirement:
    >> African Countries: Nigeria (retail), Ethiopia (retail), DRC Mobile, South Africa, Kenya (retail), Sudan, Algeria Mobile Orascom & Wataniya, Morocco, Ghana (retail), Chad, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Eritrea, Gambia, Mali,Camerron MTN (retail ,wholesale), Zambia, etc.
    >> Asian Countries: Afghanistan, China (CC & CLI), Iran (retail), Kuwait, Nepal, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, UAE, Vietnam & Yemen (retail & CLI).
    >> European Countries: Albania, Turkey, Malta.
    >> Americas Countries: Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ecuador, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Trinidad and Tobago etc.

    Please find below our Commercial Escalation:

    Dareen O’Neill (Customer Relationship Manager )
    Email: sales7@vozcodex.com; Skype: live:.cid.889428dc808d7ea2
    Voice: +1 (519) 7726910 (WhatsApp)

    Orbision Gomez (Head-International Business)
    Email: sales@vozcodex.com; Skype: orbision.gomez
    Voice: +‎1-519-772-6846 (WhatsApp)

    Mahbubul Alam (COO)
    Email: coo@vozcodex.com; Skype: live:mr.m.alam21
    Voice: +‎1-519-772-6911 (WhatsApp)

    Ahmad Sadiq Husain (CEO)
    Email: ceo@vozcodex.com; Skype: ahmadsadiq.husain
    Voice: +1-519-772-6845 (WhatsApp)

    I would highly appreciate if we could discuss a potential business case to explore good opportunities to move forward. Please feel free to contact us with your valuable opinions.

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