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    Hi everyone,

    Apologies for this probably rather basic question but I have to admit I am very new to this topic and am trying to figure out how to best set up a hosted VoIP system.

    I have a VoIP inbound phone number in an Asian country where my local provider supplied me with SIP account details. I can login using progams like Jitsi, Zoiper or Blink and when I am online and somebody calls I receive the call on my computer. If I am not logged in the call goes to the VM system of the provider.

    Now this is what I am trying to achieve as I need to take more control of inbound calls (and I can not set up an individual greeting for the providers VM system):

    – set up a hosted solution that is constantly connected to my SIP account (I can not port the number away from the provider)
    – if possible, have the system try to contact me on my cell or computer if I am online while the caller is on hold
    – if no answer, play my own greeting and record VM

    I hope this is not too complicated and I really appreciate your help and guidance on how to set this up.

    Thanks a lot!

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